Always aiming for quality.

All the quality, environmental and ethical certifications we have achieved during our 50 years of activity.

Consistently and continuously improving the company and optimizing its organization. This is what Botti Design has set itself out to do since its establishment in 1966, and is the cornerstone and founding element of the ISO 9001 International Certification.
It was therefore a natural step for our company to confront the process of requesting this important certification that has as its ultimate goal, in addition to the improvement of business processes, the satisfaction of the end customer.

The ‘GO’, Guarantee of Energy Origin are international certificates that are recognized for those power plants that meet certain environmental sustainability characteristics. Founded  in 2009, today they are the main instrument to guarantee the traceability of the energy produced and support the promotion and development of a voluntary market of clean energy produced from renewable sources.

Botti Design firmly believes in protecting the environment and for this reason uses only clean energy.
Furthermore, both our company’s offices are equipped with photovoltaic panels.

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