The real compass ``Made in Palosco``

In a small town close to Bergamo, a strip of land enclosed between two rivers, became one of the miracles of rebuilding after World War II.

Palosco became the world capital of compasses. It is itself synonymous with the product: the real compass is Palosco.
All the giants in the industry know that they have always had their compasses produced and labelled here, where excellence is unparalleled.

Made in Palosco means “know-how“, a style that recalls perfection, granularity, attention to details and precision.
Together with the design and creativity of Made in Italy, it transforms objects into things of beauty.

An identity that comes from the depths

We are creators, and non-conformists. We want to be able to express ourselves through ideas that can change things.
We want to contribute making “light” with beautiful and fun products, that are safe and environmentally friendly, in an increasingly demanding world for children.

We exist to contribute to the school education process of which we are a part.
We try to infuse our products with the know-how that comes from years of experience and our roots in the industry. Our purpose is to bring joy and happiness to children and teens that use our products.

Beautiful and original school items

A more colorful, less obvious, more conscious and cleaner world.
A world more pleasant and in which children and young people can nicely draw.

This is our vision.

For this reason we are committed to plan and design products
that contain our values, communicate them effectively to the functional users
and build an organization that believes in this aim.

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