Programmed causality

This is the idea that guides us where nothing is determined and everything is constantly evolving.
Innovation is for those who know how to be eclectic and open: like you, that prevents too much logic to dictate what you do, where you are and how you decide.

Continuous development

We have been producing compasses for more than half a century, combining Made in Italy design with the artisanal style Made in Palosco, the European capital of compasses.

Over the years we have also added stationery products for school and office to our product range. We have always been committed to offering the best tools for creative and fun drawing, therefore, helping new generations to develop visual-spatial skills that improve their concentration spans and promote their imagination.

Our creativity and willingness to experiment with materials allows us to regularly introduce new ranges of stationery for offices and schools that are trendy.

Our products

Together to offer you the best

sharpener - botti design

These are just some of the fun and colorful tools you’ll find.

Without forgetting the entire line of dedicated products
to those who mainly use the left hand.

As a leading manufacturer of high quality and design products, KUM has chosen BOTTI as their strategic partner for the distribution and marketing of KUM Products in Italy. The reliability and market know-how of BOTTI combined with some of the best products available in its category from KUM made this the perfect cooperation.
KUM is known around the world for its high quality, ergonomics, innovations and for being a market pioneer in the field of sustainability.

  • erasers - botti design


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    Pencil sharpeners

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    Rulers, squares and protractors

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    Brushes for temperas and water colours

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    Caps for pencils


The new compass’ concept